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Grabs Categories

There are quite a lot of screenshots on this blog, and many more to come!

To help make the information easy to access I’ve created a clickable category system. Use the drop-down menus to choose another category, or click the links on each page.

Companies and Systems are filed into regular Categories, like these:

The main kind of links are to Tags, which show lists of screenshots broken down into more detailed sub-categories, like these:

Pixel Art:


Bullet Hell:

2D graphics:

Also, try any of these: Artwork, Cult GameFunnyHorror, Level-Grinder, First-Person Shooter, Party Game, Puzzles, Sports, weird or Japanese or Iconic, or a bunch of others. Like Pretty Pictures.

Or by year: 1984, 1999, 2010 or, say, 2016?

I’m adding more all the time. Keep up!

Blog Tip: Expand the tab at the footer of this website to see the search box and tag cloud. Use the Categories menu to check for particular Companies and Systems.

Thank you. The King of Grabs