Deus Ex, PC Zone Review

The world exclusive first review I did of Deus Ex for PC Zone magazine way back in 2000, showing the original grabs.

I actually still have most of the grabs I took to make this review, although have played it and grabbed it a few more times since (click here to see the grabs). The Game of the Year Edition, available via Steam or (and elsewhere), is still a gaming force to be reckoned with.

I followed the progress of Deus Ex closely at the time, while working for PC Zone, and met with producer Warren Spector a number of times during development. The final game did not disappoint.

I can’t believe this was 18 years ago though!


The opening double page spread of my System Shock 2 review.

System Shock 2, PC Zone Review

This is the world exclusive first review I did of System Shock 2 for PC Zone magazine back in 1999, showing the original grabs.

I knew I was down to review it, but hadn’t seen the game moving until I got the review copy. I sat in a darkened room for five days, shitting myself, playing the game, grabbing it and writing the review.

Back in the office the editor asked me for a coverline. “A masterpiece unveiled?” I suggested. It stuck.

System Shock 2 IS a masterpiece!